Ghana-Brown Partnership to Address HIV/AIDS

Contributions to University and National Priorities

The Ghana-Brown partnership has contributed to university, national, and USAID priorities in the following ways:


•Partnership curriculum development model can be applied to other schools in UG system
•TUSK collaboration with Tufts University will augment Informational Technology at UG
• Short- and long-term training strengthen UG faculty capacity
•Partnership resulted in development of collaborative research projects
• Staff trained in financial management and administration, improving college’s capacity
•Funding sources leveraged to provide additional short- and long-term training


Partnership activities are strengthening capacity to address Ghana's development goals, as outlined in the country's Millennium Development Goals:
• MDG Goals 4 + 5 - Reducing child mortality and promoting maternal health
• MDG Goal 6 - Combatting HIV and other diseases
• MDG Goal 8 - Developing a global partnership for development.

Host Country Stakeholders

•Working closely with Ghana AIDS Commission and the National AIDS Control Program (NACP) to review and improve existing curricula and training.
•Partnerships developed with community-based organizations in the Eastern Region (high HIV- prevalence area) and Accra to develop student community attachments.
•Partnerships are being developed with other educational institutions.
•Collaboration with private sector (Public-Private Partnership)


• Prioritizing high-risk populations in collaborative research (i.e. prisons & MSM)
• Student community attachments impact stigma & discrimination
• CME activities strengthen health care providers abilities to treat PLWHAs
• TB research prioritized
• HIV/AIDS Symposium on preventing Mother-to-child transmission planned