Brown Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice

CSSJ Intensive Audio Story Workshop

Working Out Loud: an audio storytelling workshop invites students to gain the tools they need to produce high quality, ethical audio stories that address themes central to the mission of CSSJ, including the history and legacies of racial slavery. This workshop aims to deconstruct certain preconceived notions about podcasting and pull back the curtain on audio storytelling. Drawing from personal and collective narratives, students will learn to use audio production and storytelling as a tool for examining themes of race, freedoms, and injustices of the past and present. Over the course of a month, this workshop aims to address the many barriers that prohibit people from using podcasts as a medium for activism and storytelling, allowing participants to use their own voice to share a message and challenge the status-quo of traditional radio. 

The application process closes on February 3, 2019 (interested applicants should apply here). 

For more information please email Babette Thomas [[email protected]] and Johanna Obenda [[email protected]]