Data Requests

Researchers may request, access, and use data available through the Unified Research data Sharing Access (URSA) infrastructure. The data include information originating from electronic health data systems at Lifespan, Care New England, and the Rhode Island Quality Institute, as well as from publicly accessible biological and health data sets. 

Data requests currently available within URSA: 

Researchers may request, access, and use data available from our health data partners or other data sources that can subsequently be stored and analyzed within the secure URSA infrastructure.

  •  MEDLINE Baseline
  •  Semantic MEDLINE (SemMed)
  •  MetaMapped MEDLINE Baseline
  • (RI Only)
  •  GenBank (metadata only)
  •  FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS)
  •  Adverse Event Open Learning through Universal Standards (AEOLUS)
  •  HCUP-NIS for 2008-2012
  •  HCUP-SID for RI for 2008-2012
  •  Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER)
    Analytics and Programming Requests

    A team of data scientists are available to help researchers access and interpret analytics and assist with programming requests at every step of their projects. 

    Custom Development

    Staff offer analytic and programming support to researchers for the creation and analysis of custom datasets or databases that leverage best practices.


    The team also provides guidance for projects that require informatics expertise, with a focus on support for developing extramural or Pilot Project applications.  

    Education and Workshops

    In addition to standard full-semester and short immersion courses, Biomedical Informatics staff are available for training workshops related to offered services as well as other informatics and data science topics (e.g., computer programming and databases).