covid-19-biobank.jpgLifespan and Brown have partnered to establish a Covid-19 biobank, housed at Rhode Island Hospital’s Clinical Research Center, to fuel research on this pandemic in our state.

The biobank includes the following samples:

  • Plasma (0.5mLs)

  • LI plasma (0.5mLs) 

  • Serum (0.5mLs)

  • PBMCs (0.25mLs / ~2.5M cells)

The following data is available for each sample: 

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Health Insurance Status
  • Social History
  • Medical History
  • Family COVID-19 History
  • COVID-19 Symptoms Experience
  • Clinical Actions Taken

Request Process

Investigators may request access to the specimens via the Lifespan/Brown Covid-19 Biobank Request FormA multi-institutional committee composed of representatives from Brown, The University of Rhode Island, Lifespan, Care New England, and the Providence VA Medical Center will review the requests on a rolling basis.

Eligibility & Regulatory Procedures

Eligibility: All investigators at degree-granting institutions in Rhode Island are eligible to request access to Covid-19 biobank specimens.

Regulatory Procedures and IRB requirements:

For sample distribution, an IRB approval or exempt letter from your institution will be required.

If the researcher is not affiliated with Lifespan, data requests and sharing of specimens will require a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) or Data Use Agreement (DUA), as applicable. Institutional Authorization Agreements (IAAs) must be established between non-Lifespan investigators’ home institutions and Lifespan.

Sample Retrieval:

Investigators will pick up specimens by appointment only after receiving the appropriate approvals. Samples will be available for pick-up at CORO-West, One Hoppin Street, Suite 4.200. The researcher will be contacted with the time/date and is expected to bring all appropriate transport materials (packaging boxes, dry ice).

Fees & Citation Requirements

Lifespan will charge a cost per sample. 

Rhode Island academic- and hospital-affiliated investigators: 

  • $75 - Serum & Plasma
  • $125 - PBMC

Bio-pharma fees: 

  • $150/vial - Serum & Plasma
  • $250/vial - PBMC​

Investigators are required to cite Advance-CTR on any grants, publications, presentations and/or other products that result from access to the Covid-19 Biobank. Please contact [email protected] with any questions. 

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