Thank you to all who participated in Advance-CTR's Group Concept Mapping Activity at our December 2017 Retreat. Since the Retreat, the Tracking & Evaluation Core of Advance-CTR has been hard at work analyzing the responses. 

Now, the results are in! 

We have prepared a special webinar to discuss the results of the Concept Mapping Activity and their role in how Advance-CTR and our stakeholders will prioritize clinical and translational research activities in Rhode Island. 

Even if you were unable to attend the Retreat, this webinar is relevant to all stakeholders.

We hope you enjoy the webinar and find it to be a valuable opportunity to learn about the implications for clinical and translational research in our state. 

Before you go: Please complete this brief, anonymous survey to share your thoughts and feedback on the Group Concept Mapping Activity and the results presented. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we work to strengthen our activities and services.