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Corporate visits to Brown

Orsted, a Danish renewable energy company, is visiting Brown with CommerceRI. IECV also hosted the VP of Future Technology from Hyundai Motor Company (Seoul, Korea) to visit researchers and students that they are currently funding ($50K each): Kenny Breuer/Sharon Swartz (collaborative), David Sheinberg, William Warren and Stefanie Tellex.


Brown-Hyundai Research Collaboration

Brown’s relationship with Hyundai Motor Group is quickly becoming a model for University-Industry partnerships that deepen understandings between scientists, and expands Hyundai’s investment in Brown over time. We completed the Hyundai Visionary Challenge last fall, and have funded four pilot research projects ($50,000) for Drs. Kenny Breuer and Sharon Swartz, David Sheinberg, Stefanie Tellex and William Warren. These teams will present at the Hyundai Mobility Innovator’s Forum in San Francisco in November. The next phase will be announced later this fall (roughly $200,000 for four projects for 1 year, with potential for additional year).


Brown Biomedical Idea to Impact Awards Close First Round

The Brown Biomedical Idea to Impact fund, run by Karen Bulock, announced five awards ($100,000 each) for biomedical innovations originating at Brown this past July. A new cycle will start this fall. BBII will host the Boston Biomedical Innovation Center (B-BIC), an NHLBI funded accelerator, to give three half-day workshops on Pitching, Slide Design, and Healthcare Market Research on October 11, 15, and 16 at Brown. Contact Karen for more information.  

Industry Engagement and Commercial Venturing (IECV) 

The mission of IECV is to unleash the impact of Brown's research by encouraging and facilitating the evolution of Brown's  discoveries and inventions into know-how, products and services with societal and economic value.  

IECV supports this mission through its three programmatic pillars:  (1) Commercial Venturing:  we partner with Brown researchers to ascertain the market relevance of their discoveries, then forge the best strategy for transitioning from idea to impact and protecting intellectual property as appropriate in support of lab-to-market development plans;  (2) Industry Engagement:  we build strategic relationships with industry centered around research collaborations aimed at spawning innovations of commercial interest to our company partners - while also connecting the companies to Brown faculty and researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and executive education programs;  and (3) Translational Development:  we provide and manage translational development capabilities to help solidify proof of technical feasibility and of commercial relevance, both of which can de-risk an idea or discovery and turn it into more concrete product opportunities that are attractive to potential industry partners or startup creators.  

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For more information, please contact the Office of Industry Engagement and Commercial Venturing at [email protected] .