Tutorial Series: Dr. Angus Kingon-Creating Value from University Research Center Innovations

March 27, 2014
Dr. Angus Kingon - Professor of Engineering and University Professor of Entrepreneurship and Organizational Studies

Professor of Engineering and University Professor of Entrepreneurship and Organizational Studies

Center for the Capture and Conversion of CO2 - Tutorial Series

Tuesday, April 1st - Dr. Angus Kingon-Creating value from university research center innovations

Noon; B&H 190 

This “tutorial” will be a discussion about the role of university researchers and university centers in creating direct value from research. Researchers are very comfortable in their primary role in undertaking innovative research, but the situation becomes more complex when roles and responsibilities for “creating value” are discussed.  We will begin by briefly discussing the meaning of “value creation,” and move on to a discussion of the effectiveness of a variety of routes to value creation, using specific cases for illustration. We will end with a focus on the key role and (responsibilities?) of faculty and graduate student researchers at the early stages of the value creation process.

Angus Kingon wears two hats on campus: he is a Professor of Materials Science in the School of Engineering, but also leads entrepreneurship activities on campus as the University Professor of Entrepreneurship and Organizational Studies. He is co-Director of the Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, and Academic Director of the IE Brown Executive MBA. He specializes in technology commercialization process, both in terms of the teaching pedagogy, as well as in the development of processes for research institutions and companies. He is (or has been) the advisor for a national program on technology innovation and entrepreneurship in Portugal, and programs in Japan, Korea, UK, South Africa, Ireland and Slovenia. He advises companies on innovation processes, and is a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society and a Fellow of the Center for Innovation Management Studies. 

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