Gender and Sexuality Studies

The Gender and Sexuality Studies Program encourages students to examine the complex ways that “differences” are produced culturally, politically, and epistemologically: sexual and gender differences in concert with differences that are fundamental to the categories of race and ethnicity, nationality, class, religion, and so forth. 

Interdisciplinary in its intellectual framing as well as its institutional structure, the Gender and Sexuality Studies Program is housed in the Pembroke Center and supported by a multidisciplinary faculty advisory board.  The Program shares with the Pembroke Center a questioning of what counts as foundational knowledge in a given discipline. This questioning of the production of knowledge is related, in turn, to the challenges that studies of "difference" present to the academy.  Such studies include gender and sexuality studies; studies of race, ethnicity, multiculturalism; and cross-cultural and postcolonial studies.

Questions regarding the concentration my be referred to Denise Davis, Senior Lecturer in Gender and Sexuality Studies.