Just Released: 2022 Annual Report

Brown Technology Innovations’ 2022 Annual Report includes stories about faculty inventors, startup companies Bolden Therapeutics (Justin Fallon and Ashley Webb), PedialyDX (Barry Lester) and XM Therapeutics (Jeff Morgan) and new initiatives for FY23. Read the report here.


Putting Technology First. 

The mission of Brown Technology Innovations is to put Brown University’s technology first to drive commercial outcomes that benefit the University and society. 

With its responsibilities to manage the university’s patent portfolio, the Brown University technology transfer office, called Brown Technology Innovations is first and foremost focused on commercialization.

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We serve two customers: the faculty members who provide invention disclosures for patenting and commercialization; and the investors, entrepreneurs and companies that develop university technology. The faculty customer engages with our office concerning technology – specifically the evaluation of invention disclosures, the technology’s patenting and its licensing. The technology investor customer works with our office  because they wish to obtain or support technology.

For Brown Technology Innovations, our focus is on Technology First. Read our full strategy here. The following short videos describe our services and projects in more detail.

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