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Form Name:


Used for:

Report on actual travel expenses incurred while on University business. This form is used to request reimbursement to the employee, and/or account for any previously advanced funds.

Required Fields:

Header: Traveler's name, department, address, purpose of trip, duration and destination.
Transportation: Expenses for airfare, car rental, mileage, train or bus.
Daily Living: Expenses for lodging, meals, miscellaneous, daily(telephone, taxis, other).
Other: Conference registration, supplies, airport parking.
Signatures: Requires signature of traveler and signature of higher level official or authorized designee
Settlement: Recap of amount due to traveler or Brown.
Account and Subcode: Distribution of charges to the accounts.

Documents to Attach:

Original receipts supporting the expenses claimed. Including: airline passenger receipt, hotel bill, car rental invoice, meals and other expenses over $50.

Where to Send:

Report should be sent to the Travel Accounting section of the Controller's Office. Approval for exceptions to the Travel policy should be obtained first. The accounting department will forward to ORA for approval on all reports which involve grant and contract funds (5 ledgers).

How to Obtain:

Form is stocked in University Stores, form F60520. Use Stock Issue Slip form to order.

download available

Special Notes:

  • Travel Expense Report is due within two weeks of the completion of the trip.

  • If trip includes personal or spouse/dependent travel, or is partially subsidized by another source, please provide clear
    documentation of the incremental (non-reimbursable) costs.

  • Refer to the Travel Policy document for additional information.

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