Independent Contractors and PSAs

Brown University templates for PSAs are available through the Brown Contract Management System (BCM). In order to have a PSA created through BCM, a contract request needs to be submitted by someone with approved access to the system. All PSA's, whether they are created using the University's templates or, are on the external services provider's contract form, must be submitted through BCM for review and be finalized using the system's DocuSign feature. The policy and procedures for hiring independent contractors and consultants have been updated to better align with UHR policies and related laws and regulations.

The process by which an individual is classified as either an employee or an independent contractor has been clarified.

Important considerations:

  • The Employee vs Independent Contractor Checklist must be completed prior to the engagement of services by individuals in order to determine the appropriate hiring process. This process must be followed for all individuals being considered as independent contractors regardless of the dollar value or template used.  The checklist is required as an attachment in BCM.
  • Involvement of UHR in the determination of whether or not employee vs independent contractor classification is correct. HR Business Partners should be consulted if the determination is unclear.
  • Use the Independent Contractor spend category when paying an individual using all PSA’s including special templates created by OGC.
  • Requirement that all individuals hired as an independent contractor register with the Department of Labor and Training per Rhode Island regulations: