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Form Name:


Used for:

  • Request for cash advance for University business travel.

  • Payment in advance to hotel or conference facility. Used only when American Express card not accepted.

  • Payment to an employee for early purchase of airline tickets which require payment to American Express prior to travel.

Required Fields:

Name: Employee name or vendor (third party payment). Payment to third party must reference traveler.
Address: Box number, street address or instruction for department pick up
Dates: Today's date and date on which the traveler needs the check (allow time for mailing).
Dept Name & Account: Use $xxx.xx format.
Purpose of Trip: Brief description of purpose, including the destination(s).
Departure/Return Date Anticipated dates of travel
Account(s): Account number(s) expected to be charged.
Advances Outstanding: Show amount presently outstanding and reason why
Signatures: Signature of applicant and approval of authorized official as indicated on form.

Documents to Attach:

  • In case of payment for early purchase of airline tickets, copy of AMEX bill must be attached.

  • Payments to third parties require invoice or registration form.

Where to Send:

Send to Travel Accounting, Box J, in the Controller's office.

How to Obtain:

Form is multi part and available in University Stores, form SR60480. Use Stock Issue Slip form to order.

Special Notes:

  • Please provide advance request 3-5 days prior to the departure date.

  • Advances are cleared by submission of a Travel Expense Report, due two weeks after completion of the trip.

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