Career Development Awards
No further calls for proposals to be held

Career Development Awards help faculty increase their exposure to colleagues at other institutions who can serve as collaborators and mentors.  These awards are particularly useful for assistant professors who are beginning to build their research program, or for mid-career faculty moving in either a more collaborative direction or new research area.

rainbowFunding agencies are investing a more significant proportion of their portfolio in programs that facilitate multi-investigator, interdisciplinary, large-budget projects.  With an increased emphasis on interdisciplinary science, national and international peer networks become even more important.  Creating opportunities to build such peer networks can significantly affect researchers’ ability to participate in new collaborations, provide them with greater professional recognition, and ensure career advancement.

Awards of $15,000 are available for one-year projects. Award recipients are required to acknowledge ADVANCE in presentations, papers, and publicity of events supported by Career Development Award funds.

Award Impacts and Outcomes

To date, ADVANCE at Brown has awarded more than $480,000 to Brown science faculty. For a list of reported award outcomes and products, see our wiki.