Carthene Bazemore-Walker, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, $15,000    
Funds will be used to support a year-long seminar series on glycomics and glycoproteomics to facilitate relationships with senior colleagues and potential collaborators and also to help Professor Bazemore-Walker refine her research interests in this field. In addition to seminar talks, the visits include informal gatherings and a special conversation with her research group. In the second year, funds will be provided to arrange additional meetings with one of the speakers from the first year to develop a more long-term collaborative relationship.


Jennifer Dworak and Iris Bahar, Assistant and Associate Professors of Engineering, $8,685

This is a joint proposal from current collaborators who wish to expand their collaborative work to include an internationally renowned professor at the University of Bologna. The funds will be used for travel so that the three can establish a successful collaboration that develops reliable circuits and systems that can provide high performance while simultaneously identifying, correcting, and avoiding errors.

dworak bahar
Vesna Mitrovic, Assistant Professor of Physics, $8,800  
Dr. Mitrovic requested funds for travel to two key international conferences: the 6th International Conference on Fine Particle Magnetism—New Trends in Nanoparticle Magnetism, and the International Conference on Fine Particle Magnetism. These conferences will increase Vesna's visibility in her current area of expertise and will provide the opportunity to delve into a related field that bridges her current work with problems that are biological in nature.
Rebecca Page, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology,
Cell Biology & Biochemistry, $12,739
Professor Page seeks funds for three inter-related purposes: (1) to solidify an ongoing relationship with a mentor at another institution; (2) to attend the Frontiers of Structural Biology 2008 Keynote Symposia to network with key people in the field and gain exposure; and (3) host a half-day symposium on phosphatase structure and activity which will include four leaders in the field and will be open to students, post-docs, and faculty at Brown.
Sharon Swartz, Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, $14,968  
Dr. Swartz proposes to expand her current research on vertebrate skeletons to insect skeletons by bringing in a series of six distinguished scientists in this field for week-long visits to develop collaborative interests and foster mentoring relationships. The week-long visits include presentations open to the Brown community, extended informal discussions, and an event run in partnership with WiSE.
Zhijin (Jean) Wu, Assistant Professor of Community Health, $8,200    
Professor Wu proposed to strengthen existing collaborations and establish new ones with different researchers at four institutions: the Statistical Engineering Division of Information Technology Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Johns Hopkins University, the University of California at Berkeley, and the National Institute of Health’s Chemical Genomics Center. Her plans include visits to the institutions to give presentations and meet with potential senior colleagues/collaborators as well as invitations for key personnel from these institutions to give lectures at Brown.