Marcy Brink-Danan, Assistant Professor of Anthropology & Judaic Studies, $14,650    
Professor Brink-Danan is organizing a day-long conference, Cultured Jews: The Art & Science of Jewish Ethnography, to bring together outstanding social scientists who study Jewish life through ethnographic methods. The conference will have three components, including a presentation of new research, a discussion of disciplinary theory and a major public presentation. brink-danan
Erika Edwards, Assistant Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, $11,010  
Professor Edwards' work combines molecular phylogenetics with anatomical and eco-physiological field studies. She will utilize the award to initiate collaborations with two institutions in South Africa and Madagascar for a research project that will focus on succulent lineages of plants that are endemic to arid regions of South Africa. Erika will also travel to Brazil to speak at the Latin American Botanical Congress and the International Organization for Succulent Plant Study.
Diane Hoffman-Kim, Associate Professor of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, & Biotechnology, $14,995    
Toward the goal of being a multi-dimensional leader in academic biomedical engineering, Professor Hoffman-Kim proposes three interrelated aims: (1) increase the global visibility of her research program on nerve repair technology and tissue engineering; (2) expand her biomedical engineering teaching to the cutting edge of constructivist pedagogy; and (3) accelerate her leadership development to enhance the effectiveness of women scientists and engineers.
Kate Lapane, Associate Professor of Community Health, $15,000    

Dr. Lapane will host a multidisciplinary summit on off-label antipsychotic use. The aims of the summit include: (1) strengthening ongoing collaboration with investigators; (2) bringing together a network of concerned persons; and (3) fostering a mentoring and networking pipeline.

Carmen Marsit, Assistant Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, $13,000
Professor Marsit will hold a day-long retreat focused on epigenetics in human diseases beyond cancer. The goals of the event are to bring together members of the BUCKDM (Brown, University of California, Kaiser, Dartmouth, Minnesota) consortium and to expand this group of investigators to include individuals at Brown and its affiliated institutions.
Meenakshi Narain, Associate Professor of Physics, $15,000    
Professor Narain will start a new research and development program for future particle physics experiments, specifically for the development of advanced solid state tracking detectors to precisely measure trajectory of charged particles for the proposed super LHC (SLHC) and the International Linear Collider (ILC) projects.
Ben Raphael, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, $11,453  
Professor Raphael proposed a series of meetings with colleagues with the aims of: (1) developing mentoring and collaborative relationships with senior scientists; (2) training two female graduate students in a discipline underrepresented by women; and (3) continuing research collaborations.
Kristi Wharton, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry, $14,315  
Professor Wharton will continue two multidisciplinary collaborations with a focus on obtaining preliminary data necessary to winning large external grants. The research areas include the visualization of signaling molecule movement in vivo in real time and elucidating the molecular underpinnings of a mechanism controlling cell signaling that appears to be at the crux of a crippling bone disease, Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. Additionally, Kristi will attend the Keystone Symposia Conference and the EMBO Conference.
Jessica Whiteside, Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences, $14,500
Professor Whiteside will bring together researchers whose work on lakes and related systems are at the forefront of current work in order to forge a scientific network of colleagues whose synergisms have the potential to catalyze a major leap forward of our understanding of ancient lake systems.