Ruth Colwill, Associate Professor of Psychology, $15,000   colwill
Dr. Colwill is working with two female graduate students to collect data on the social behavior, communication, and cognition of the Eastern coyotes. Ruth will develop an NSF grant proposal to support this new research program and develop a peer network to enhance her competitiveness for further NSF funding in this area.
Sarah Delaney, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, $15,000  
Dr. Delaney is creating a collaboration between her own laboratory and that of Professor Eric D. A. Stemp from Mount Saint Mary's College. Their research focuses on the cross link of DNA to proteins for the purposes of probing how OGG1 interacts with DNA within different structural contexts. Sarah will also travel to the 238th American Chemical Society National meeting to present the results of this research program.
Paja Faudree, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, $15,000  

Dr. Faudree will organize and host two interrelated initiatives: a seminar series featuring extended visits by very prominent senior figures in the field of linguistic anthropology and a day-long symposium feature both senior colleagues and junior women in the field who would benefit from mentoring opportunities. These proposed alliances represent an innovation in linguistic anthropology studies, which has been relatively slow to move in the direction of cross-disciplinary, collaborative research models.

Richard Freiman, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry | Mary Hixon, Assistant Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, $15,000  

Professors Freiman and Hixon will establish a mentoring relationship with Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden, Corrine Boyer Chair in Ovarian Cancer Research and Professor at the University of Ottawa, in the area of ovarian cancer biology. Rich and Mary will undertake a change in the direction of their own work towards the arena of translational ovarian cancer research. One of the main objectives of this mentoring relationship is to jointly organize a one-day symposium, Ovarian Cancer Research Symposium.

freiman hixon
Amy Greenwald, Associate Professor of Computer Science, $15,000  
Having obtained tenure, Dr. Greenwald is changing the direction of her research to take advantage of her previous work as a member of the Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) Research Group at IBM Research. Amy will work to build collaborative relationships with e-commerce research labs with such corporation as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! The end result of these collaborations is to broker funding opportunities through these companies' university relations programs.
Meredith Hastings, Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences, $15,000

Dr. Hastings will develop collaborations with Professors Lonnie Thompson and Ellen Mosely-Thompson of the Byrd Polar Research Center at the Ohio State University. The aim of this work will be to identify and obtain an initial collection of tropical ice core samples. With this initial sample set, Meredith will complete a "proof of concept" project, showing her ability to make isotopic measurements on these unique samples and analyzing the variability of nitrogen oxide sources in the recent past based on the nitrogen isotopic composition of nitric acid.

Heather Leslie, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, $15,000  
Dr. Leslie will work with a range of colleagues and mentors on a variety of projects having to do with her research focus of the ecology, policy, and management of coastal marine ecosystems. Collaborators include Dr. Steve Gaines at UC Santa Barbara, a senior marine ecologist with interests in marine community ecology, biogeography, and reserve design. Dr. Chris Harley of University of British Columbia will work with Heather on heat stress and substrate effects. Dr. Miriam Fernandez is an evolutionary biologist at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago, who has an interest in working collaboratively in the area of marine conservation biology.
Crystal Linkletter, Assistant Professor of Community Health, $15,000  

Dr. Linkletter will build collaborations with mentors and establish herself nationally and internationally in the areas of spatial modeling of social networks and contact-based disease transmission modeling. Crystal's collaborators include researchers at the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CSSS) at University of Washington. She will also meet with Dr. Stanley Wasserman, Indiana University; Dr. Hugh Chipman, Acadia University; and Dr. Tom Britton, Stockholm & Dr. Tom Snijders, University of Oxford and University of Groningen.

Tayhas Palmore, Professor of Engineering, $15,000  

Dr. Palmore seeks to support two goals: (1) gain visibility in the field of synthetic biology through new research in her lab and as a consequence of this new research, (2) introduce synthetic biology to her own research community of bioelectrochemists and materials scientists.

James Russell, Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences, $15,000  

Dr. Russell will use these funds to develop larger collaborative frameworks around research programs on El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) in Indonesia. Colleagues with whom Professor Russell will work include Delia Oppo, at Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institution; Amy Clement of the University of Miami; Rosamond Naylor at Stanford; and Meredith Kelly at Dartmouth. Jim will also develop international collaborations within Indonesia.

Tricia Serio, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry, $19,500  

Dr. Serio will work with Dr. Suzanne Sindi, Prager Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics, to develop and experimentally validate a stochastic model for the competition between different conformations of a single prior protein in live yeast cells. Using their established experimental approaches, Tricia and Suzanne will validate this model and then use it to predict more complex events in prion biology that lead to loss of the pathogenic form, including changes in chaperone levels and prion protein sequences.

Leah VanWey, Associate Professor of Sociology, $15,000  
Dr. VanWey will work with Dr. Cheryl Palm of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, to expand her influence in both in the broad field of human-environment science and in policy debates about development and environment. Leah will schedule her visits to coincide with meetings for the Millennium Villages Project in order to meet a variety of influential interdisciplinary researchers studying environment, human well-being, and development.
Anastasia Volovich, Assistant Professor of Physics, $15,000  
Dr. Volovich will host senior leaders in the field of twistor string theory and its applications to QCD, which has benefited greatly from the close interaction between mathematicians, string theorists, and collider physics experts. She will attend the Strings 2009 in Rome and co-organize a one-day annual "New England String Meeting" at Brown University.