Dr. Lisa Frehill
August 2007

greenDr. Lisa Frehill is the Executive Director of the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology (CPST).

Dr. Frehill worked with ADVANCE at Brown working group members and institutional partners centered around the Brown COACHE survey findings that “mentoring was one of the top five ‘effectiveness gap’ items for both men and women [faculty].” 

The discussion was productive with broad support for implementing a formal program at Brown University that includes:

  • Information gathering from junior and senior faculty and department chairs
  • Offering individual and group mentoring opportunities
  • Evaluation of pairings and other mentoring activities
  • Collaboration among key players/offices
  • Provision of mentors for all new faculty members as an effort at “normalizing” mentoring
  • Attention to the mentoring needs of mid-career faculty members at the Associate Professor level