NSF Site Visit
November 17 & 18, 2009
nsfThe NSF Third Year Site Visit is a term and condition of the ADVANCE grant. The site visit includes a day and a half of meetings and a half day of report writing by the site visit team. The site team is comprised of 9 visitors, 6 evaluators with relevant content expertise and 3 NSF staff members. A presentation on program initiatives and progress is made on the first day by the ADVANCE at Brown team. The interviews will include individual as well as group sessions. The interviews and evaluations are meant to assess project performance and progress to date as well as to provide feedback to the project.
Agenda and Interview Schedule
  • 2-Day Agenda
    Provides times and location information for all sessions.
  • Interview Schedule
    All interviews will take place at Vartan Gregorian Quad (101 Thayer Street). Please arrive 10 MINUTES before your scheduled interview time. ADVANCE at Brown staff will be available to greet you & answer any questions, offer a beverage & snack, and escort you to your interview room. Interviews are 30 MINUTES each.
  • 6-Page Report
    This report details the status of each component and progress towards project goals.
  • Mapped Activities
    A visual representation of program components, initial goals, accomplishments, and new goals for the second phase of the award period.
  • Overview of Program Initiatives and Progress: Presentation to the NSF 3rd Year Site Visit Team
    A presentation by working group members, steering committee members, and University partners detailing the progress of project components and the progress towards institutionalization.
Site Team Participants


NSF Staff

ADVANCE at Brown Reports

Information for Out of Town Visitors