Scientific Leadership Awards
    No further calls for proposals to be held






tullisTaking on a position of scientific leadership such as becoming president or vice president of a scientific society or professional organization, or assuming editorship of a journal can be essential elements in advancing a scientist’s academic career.  However, these opportunities often require significant investments of time that may hinder one’s research. Some scientists decide to turn down leadership opportunities due to the competing demands of their own labs or academic commitments.

One of the goals of the ADVANCE Program at Brown is to facilitate women’s participation as national and international leaders in their disciplines by providing assistance that allows women scientists and engineers to take on a leadership role in their field without jeopardizing their own research.  Scientific Leadership Awards provide travel funding as well as support teaching release time or lab/research oversight that is commensurate with the Award Recipient’s leadership commitment.  

Tenured and tenure-track women faculty in the sciences and engineering at any rank are eligible to apply for these awards. 

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed based on their potential to have a significant impact on the career of the faculty applicant. Applicants should be as specific as possible in calculating the teaching release time or lab/research support needs (e.g., post-doctoral fellow or research associate salary) that will allow them to assume the proposed leadership role. 

    Procedure for Submitting Proposals

Proposals must include the following:

  • A cover page.
  • A one-page personal statement that explains the leadership opportunity and how it will impact your career goals.
  • A one-page budget and budget explanation including a justification of the amount of teaching release time or lab/research support requested.
  • A curriculum vitae.

Proposals should be submitted by email with the subject heading "Scientific Leadership Proposal.”