Kavita Babu, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine   npa

Professor Babu presents a lecture entitled, Toxicological Aspects of Child Neglect and Abuse - A New Approach at the 4th Mediterranean Academy of Forensic Sciences Meeting in Antalya, Turkey.

Erika Edwards, Assistant Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology   edwards

Professor Edwards serves as a panelist at a symposium entitled, Evolution: The Past, Present, and Future of Biodiversity at the 2nd Diversitas Open Science Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

Susan Gerbi, Professor of Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, & Biochemistry   gerbi

Professor Gerbi presents a lecture entitled, Evolution of Ribosomal RNA: Eukaryotic Conserved Sequences and Ribosome Biogenesis at the 8th International Meeting on “Ribosome Biogenesis” in Regensburg, Germany. Additionally, Susan serves as chair for the session on snoRNAs.

Elena Oancea, Assistant Professor of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology & Biotechnology   oancea
Professor Oancea makes at an oral presentation at the TRP Channels: From Sensory Signaling to Human Disease conference in Stockholm, Sweden.
Jessica Whiteside, Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences    
Professor Whiteside presents oral presentation entitled, Ammonoid Macroevolutionary Patterns Track Episodes of Chaotic Carbon Cycling During the Early Mesozoic at the national conference of the Geological Society of America in Portland, Oregon.