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Academic Priorities Committee Charge


1. Charge

The Academic Priorities Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the President
concerning the general direction of academic programs.

  1. To make recommendations on the strategic allocations of academic resources for operational,
    instructional and research purposes.
  2. To review all major academic budgetary proposals prepared for submission to the University
    Resources committee.
  3. To review proposals to establish and/or renew departments, centers, programs, and institutes
    and make recommendations thereon for approval by the Faculty.
  4. To review proposals for new graduate degree programs and new undergraduate
    concentrations, in coordination with the Graduate Council and College Curriculum Council,
    so as to assess their impact on academic resources. The Academic Priorities Committee plays
    a consultative role, with final approval for graduate degree programs and undergraduate
    concentrations to be made by the Faculty and the College Curriculum Council, respectively.
  5. To supervise external reviews of and changes in the status of academic units and make
    recommendations thereon.
  6. To receive reports on appointments to named chairs and review policies for making such
  7. To review proposals for new university-level joint efforts with other institutions and make
    recommendations thereon to the President.
  8. It may itself also initiate proposals for the development of academic programs.
  9. To review policies on student admissions and aid that shape the composition of the

2. Membership
The membership of the Academic Priorities Committee shall consist of the Provost, the Dean of
the Faculty, the Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences, the Dean of the College, the Dean of
the Graduate School, and the Vice President for Research and six tenured faculty members or
senior lecturers of broad experience and scholarly distinction who are expected to serve the
general interests of the University. Faculty members will serve staggered three-year terms. Chairs
of academic divisions and departments are not eligible for service on the Committee. The Provost
shall serve as Chair. The Vice-Chair shall be a faculty member chosen by the Committee.

3. Method of Election
Each year a ballot will be prepared with two positions with two faculty members per position.
Candidates for each slate are to be chosen by the Committee on Nominations in consultation with
the Provost after seeking nominations from the voting faculty. Candidates should be
representative of the divisions of knowledge in the University and diversity in the Faculty. The
candidate on each slate with the majority of the votes will serve on APC; the other candidate will
serve as an alternate in the event of a protracted absence of the candidate with the majority of the

4. Operations
The Academic Priorities Committee shall appoint such subcommittees as it sees fit for the
performance of its charge. Proposals come to the committee in written form specified by the
committee from clusters of faculty, programs, centers, and departments.