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Academic Priorities Committee Members

Member List Current as of March 21, 2014

Burwell, Rebecca
Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic,
and Psychological Sciences
Box 1821 , Ext. 9208

Elias, Jack
Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences
Box G-A1, Ext. 3330

Foster, Andrew
Professor of Economics
Box B , Ext. 2537

Harris, Timothy
Professor of History
Box N, Ext. 2627

Hemmasi, Harriette
University Librarian
Box A, Ext. 2162

Klawunn, Margaret
Interim Dean of the College
Box 1828 Ext. 2573

McLaughlin, Kevin
Dean of the Faculty
Box 1857 Ext. 9525

Meisel, Joseph
Deputy Provost
Box 1862, Ext. 9499

Mustard, John
Professor of Geological Sciences
Box 1846, Ext. 1264


Redfield, Marc
Professor of English
Box 1852, Ext. 3624

Savitz, David
Vice President for Research
Box 1937, Ext. 7408

Schlissel, Mark
Box 1862, Ext. 2706

Weber, Peter
Dean of the Graduate School
Box 1855 , Ext. 3134

Wetle, Fox
Dean of Public Health
Box G-S121-4, Ext. 9858

Wharton, Kristi
Professor of Medical Science
Box G-L, Ext. 1951

Staffed by :
Elizabeth Doherty
Senior Associate Provost
Box 1857 , Ext. 7845


John Sedivy, through June 30, 2014
Tim Harris, through June 30, 2015
Mark Tatar, through June 30, 2015
Michael Paradiso, through June 30, 2016
Shriram Krishnamurthi, through June 30, 2016