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Internationalization Initiative Seed Funding

MEMO TO: Brown University faculty
FROM: David Kertzer, Provost
DATE: September 12, 2007
RE: Internationalization initiative seed funding

I am pleased to announce that the Office of the Provost is making available a limited amount of seed funding to encourage the development of initiatives to aid in Brown's internationalization efforts. In consultation with an ad hoc advisory committee composed of faculty and deans, a one-time dispersal of grants will be made for proposals to stimulate major new curricular and research initiatives in the international field. The aim of the seed funding is to build upon suggestions made by the Internationalization Committee in its recent report, “Internationalization at Brown” (available at ), although proposals in areas not specifically covered in that report are also encouraged. Proposals are welcome from Committee members as well as faculty at large. Guidelines for submission of proposals are outlined below.


Any regular faculty member of any rank is eligible.


Amount and Duration of Awards

Awards will generally be in amounts up to $10,000 each, although the committee will consider proposals for projects with budgets up to $20,000.

Funded projects are expected to be completed during the 2008 calendar year.

It is anticipated that there will continue to be similarly focused seed funding available under the office of the new Vice President for International Affairs.


Criteria for Selection

All applications will be considered by an ad hoc committee comprised of the Dean of the College, the Dean of the Graduate School , the Vice President for Research, the Associate Dean of the Faculty, and four members of the faculty representing the Humanities, the Social Sciences, the Physical Sciences, and the Division of Biology and Medicine. The final selections will be guided by the following considerations.

Priority will be given to initiatives that further develop ideas raised by the Internationalization Committee or that explore other ways of strengthening internationalization at Brown. For example:

•  Projects that promote links with international institutions, such as scholarly exchanges or partnerships with research institutions abroad

•  Initiatives that raise Brown's global profile, such as traveling lecture series, workshops, or other public events

•  Major new internationally-focused research programs on campus, especially those with a clear role in enhancing Brown's institutional strengths in the international arena

•  Major curricular initiatives that fill identified needs at the undergraduate or graduate level and will build Brown's strengths in particular areas.

Collaborative projects involving multiple faculty, particularly faculty from two or more departments, are especially encouraged.

Where appropriate, the committee will consider the proposal's potential to attract further, external, funding.


Award Conditions

All expenditures under this program must be in accordance with University policies and procedures.

Expenditures for faculty salaries, either summer or academic year, are not permitted.

Submission of a brief final report will be expected at the conclusion of the project. Reports should outline the work accomplished, describe any significant deviations from or extensions to the project described in the original proposal and, where appropriate, delineate next steps in the development of the project.


Procedure for Submitting Proposals

Proposals should be submitted electronically to the committee at no later than Monday, October 15, 2007 . Proposals should be submitted as one single attachment (Word or PDF document). The committee will meet to discuss proposals and advise the Provost in early November. Selections will be announced by Friday, November 16.

All proposals should include:

  • A cover sheet that lists
    1. Name(s) of proposer(s), department, box, phone
    2. Title of proposed project
    3. A 250-word abstract describing the proposed project and outlining the ways in which it will benefit Brown's internationalization efforts
  • A description of the proposed project (no more than 1500 words) including the goals of the project, the activities to be carried out to meet those goals, and a timetable for completion of those activities
  • A budget that itemizes general categories of expenses for which funds will be used, and a brief justification for the expenses
  • A current curriculum vitae for each proposer
  • Endorsements from each proposer's department chair