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Internationalization Working Groups

Working Group



Language Instruction,
and Study Abroad

Sue Alcock (Classics and Joukowsky Institute) and Kerry Smith (History and East Asian Studies)

Beth Bauer (Center for Language Studies)
Katherine Bergeron, or representative (Dean of the College)
Sheila Bonde, or representative (Dean of the Graduate School)
Kendall Brostuen (Office of International Programs)
Melani Cammett (Political Science)
Ruben Durante (Economics PhD Student)
Daniel Fombonne (Undergraduate Student ’07)
Lina Fruzzetti (Anthropology)
James Green (History and Center for Latin American Studies)
Pierre Saint-Amand (French Studies)

Curriculum, Language Instruction, and Study Abroad Mission Statement
The overall brief of the Curriculum, Language Instruction, and Study Abroad Working Group is to review, assess and make recommendations about the present international dimensions of the curriculum at large, about courses of language instruction available and taken up by Brown students, and about the success of study abroad programs and other student travel opportunities. The Group’s work will embrace these issues at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

The Working Group plans to implement a program of wide-ranging data collection in order to develop a general sense of the Brown landscape in these important areas. Judicious comparisons with peer institutions will also be undertaken. The goal is to produce a report, by the end of AY 2006-2007, which will outline the current situation, as well as make recommendations both for capitalizing on present strengths and for possible future expansion.

Global Environment

Osvaldo Sala (Environmental Change Initiative and Environmental Studies)

Mark Bertness (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Elizabeth Dickson (Undergraduate Student '07)
Steve Hamburg (Center for Environmental Studies)
Jerry Melillo (Marine Biological Lab)
John Logan (Sociology and Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences)
Rachel Morello-Frosch (Center for Environmental Studies)
Jack Mustard (Geological Sciences)
Seeta Sistla (Graduate Student)

Global Environment Mission Statement
The mission of the Global Environment Working Group is to suggest strategies to achieve Brown internationalization goals while focusing on global environmental change. We will articulate ways in which we can immerse our students in an international research experience. In addition, we envision evaluating current curriculum offerings and suggesting new courses to be added to the existing portfolio or changes to existing courses. Finally, we will discuss ways to attract scholars that will enrich our students and faculty.

Global Health

Dan Smith (Anthropology and Population Studies & Training Center)

Elaine Bearer (Pathology & Laboratory Medicine)
Charles Carpenter (Medicine)
Nitsan Chorev (Sociology)
Anne Fausto-Sterling (Biology, Women’s Studies, Science and Technology Studies)
Susan Cu-Uvin (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
Ken Mayer (Medicine)
Steve McGarvey (Community Health)
Natasha Rybak (Medical Student)
Samira Thomas (Undergraduate Student)
Mike White (Sociology and Population Studies & Training Center)
Ed Wing (Medicine)

Global Health Mission Statement
The Global Health Working Group will develop a strategy for strengthening Brown’s efforts, impact and international reputation in the field of Global Health, broadly defined as encompassing economic, political and social aspects as well as medical and public health issues and outcomes. After assessing the University’s current strengths in Global Health, the Working Group will recommend a framework for action that will include a broad vision that builds on Brown’s comparative advantages and specific suggestions for signature projects or programs to launch the larger initiative. In conceptualizing the larger initiative the Working Group will seek widely the input and advice of concerned faculty, students, alumni, partner hospitals, and other Brown community members. Both the larger initiative and possible projects or programs will necessarily promote the larger mission of improving global health through more and better research, enhanced teaching and learning, and strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with international institutions and collaborators.

Global Humanities

Rey Chow (Modern Culture and Media and Comparative Literature)

Sue Alcock (Classics)
Elliott Colla (Comparative Literature and Middle Eastern Studies)
Brian Evenson (Literary Arts)
Olakunle George (English and Africana Studies)
Benedetta Gennaro(Graduate Student)
Harrison Moskowitz (Undergraduate Student ’07)
Pierre Saint-Amand (French Studies)
Michael Steinberg (Cogut Center for Humanities)

Global Humanities Mission Statement
The focus of the Global Humanities Working Group is twofold: to explore ways in which Brown's humanities faculty and students can be involved in efforts to broaden and deepen our knowledge about the languages, cultures, histories, and arts of the world; and to foster viable working relationships between humanities scholars and programs at Brown and those in other countries as well as in North America. We are especially interested in developing a set of thematic concerns, germane to both research and pedagogy, that would give Brown a distinctive place internationally in the pursuit of the humanities.

Global Science
and Technology

Chung-I Tan (Physics)

Ruth Colwill (Psychology)
Huajian Gua (Engineering)
James Morgan (Cognitive-Linguistics)
Ashley Nagle (Graduate Student, Geology)
Tung Nguyen (Undergraduate Student ’09)
John Savage (Computer Science)
Chi-Wang Shu (Applied Math)
Peter Weber (Chemistry)

Global Science and Technology Mission Statement
The mission of the Global Science and Technology Working Group is to identify, incubate, promote and organize new and existing opportunities in education and research for international initiatives in Science and Technology, and to develop this effort within the context of other global initiatives.

Poverty, Inequality, and Development

Ross Levine (Economics)

Guy Bloembergen (Undergraduate Student ’09)
Andrew Foster (Economics)
Susan Short (Sociology)
Dan Smith (Anthropology)
Barbara Stallings (Watson Institute)

Poverty, Inequality, and Development Mission Statement
The Poverty, Inequality, and Development Working Group will propose strategies for enhancing Brown's international reputation as a leading institution of research and teaching on the economic, political, cultural, and social processes underlying poverty, inequality, and economic development. The Working Group will consider program design, faculty recruitment, the expansion of in-country teaching and research programs, and the development of productive exchanges between the Brown community and both scholars and policy makers from around the world. The Group seeks input from the Brown community on issues that relate broadly to poverty, inequality, and development.

VP for International Affairs Search

Position Description

David Kertzer and Michael Steinberg (History, Music, and Cogut Center for the Humanities)

Peter Andreas (Political Science and Watson Institute)
Susan Short (Sociology)
Dick Spies (Executive Vice President for Planning and Senior Advisor to the President)
Shelley Stephenson (Assistant Provost, staff)