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Committee to Review Tenure and Faculty Development Policies

Chaired by the Provost, this committee has the broad charge of considering whether the University’s current policies and processes governing support of junior faculty and the awarding of tenure are appropriate to Brown’s status as one of the nation’s leading research universities.  Among the issues that the committee will consider are the following:

  • Do Brown’s hiring, reappointment, and tenure policies appropriately balance contributions to teaching, scholarship and service, and do they establish and maintain a high standard of excellence? 
  • How do our tenure procedures compare with practices at nationally recognized peer institutions that place similar value on undergraduate education and major contributions to scholarship? In particular, are the roles that are played at Brown by the tenure candidate, the department, the Dean, TPAC, the Provost, and external scholars consistent with practices at peer institutions?
  • Is the current tenure “clock” adequately supportive of tenure-track faculty, giving them the time they need to launch their scholarly careers and demonstrate their capacity to produce significant works of original scholarship? Does the process of reappointment of assistant professors provide adequate feedback, from TPAC to the department and from the department to individual faculty members?
  • Are Brown’s leave policies and teaching expectations for assistant professors competitive with policies at peer institutions? Are other forms of support for junior faculty comparable with those of peer institutions?

The committee will gather data both internally and externally, will consult with faculty as individuals and through the relevant faculty committees (FEC, APC, TPAC, department chairs), and will issue a report with recommendations when its work is done.