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2013 Center, Program, and Institute Annual Report Template

We've created a word template to handle your responses and a form on the web to collect key datapoints.
  1. Center Mission
    1. Describe the Center's mission, and note if it has changed over the past year.
    2. Describe the Center's importance to Brown.

  2. Summary of Accomplishments
    1. What is the single most important accomplishment of the Center this year?  How is it related to the mission described above?

  3. Progress Report on Goals
    1. Summarize the Center’s progress on goals articulated in last year’s report.

  4. Research Teaching and Programming
    1. List Core and Affiliated Faculty
    2. List all honors and awards to faculty associated with the Center.
    3. List external funding received by the Center including current year expenditures with both direct and indirect costs.  Include research and training grant proposals and awards, as well as any other Center support. Indicate any grants that are shared with academic departments.
    4. List all proposals submitted.  Please indicate whether the proposal was submitted through the Center or through a department.
    5. List all intellectual property created during the past year, patent disclosures, licenses, and start-ups related to the Center. Please list any royalties received by the Center as a result of IP resulting from research in the Center. 
    6. Describe research collaborations that were developed, either internally across department lines or externally with other universities or labs, because of the Center. Highlight any international collaborations.
    7. Has the Center’s research space changed since last year’s report?
    8. List publications resulting from Center activity.  Please DO NOT list all publications of faculty associated with the center but only those directly related to center activities. 
    9. Describe all outreach activities of the Center, whether educational or service. 
    10. Describe all symposia and colloquia sponsored by the Center.

  5. Budget and Staffing
    1. Have there been significant changes in the Center’s budget or staffing over the past year?
    2. What are your budget and staffing priorities for the upcoming year?

  6. Goals
    1. List the Center’s specific goals for the next academic year.
    2. Describe the Center’s goals for the next five years

Please send completed report to your by September 6, 2013. Duplicate hard copies are unnecessary.