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Instructions for Searching JIAAW Library Catalogue:


A. Log into Refworks through the Brown Library website.

  1. Access Refworks via Brown Library Website:
    1. On-campus go to:
    2. Off-campus, enter the Brown University Group Code (found on the JIAAW internal wiki) at this URL:
  2. Login using the information that can be found on the JIAAW internal wiki (login required) or by emailing

B. To search all books, begin search from opening page. To search within a specific folder (Books, Maps, Reference, Journals) select the folder from the pull-down menu “view.”

  1. Searching Tips: Search by title or author is recommended
  2. ISBN searches are best only when you need a specific edition or volume
  3. Call number searches are best only when you don’t have time to search by title or author!  Call numbers are not necessarily the same in every library – the subject that a book is catalogued by may vary, depending on the library’s focus or need.  Call numbers of books in the Joukowsky Institute library should match those in the Brown Library system, when both libraries have the same volume.  Books borrowed through ILL may not have matching call numbers.
  4. Serials may be cataloged as a series or as individual volumes, depending on how many volumes the library owns and how a serial’s subject relates to the Institute.

C. Click on “View” to display the call number and more information about the item you need.

  1. Information displayed may include author or other responsible parties, title, number of volumes, descriptive information (i.e. number of pages, size), notes, and call number.

D. If the library is missing a volume or other part of a serial or mutli-volume work, this should be noted under “notes,” so be sure to check this section if you cannot find an item on the shelf.


In addition to the books in the Joukowsky Institute library, the library's list of online archaeology journals provides links to journals for which Brown's library system provides free online access.

To search all titles in Brown's library system, please visit