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Information for and about adult learners, as well as learners' writing and opinions about adult education appear on this page. Writing by and readings of interest to learners also appear at Writing from the Field.

student leadership

VALUE: Voice of Adult Literacy United for Education is the US national adult organization; information on this page comprises learner-generated content as well as resources designed for adult learning.

VALUE's Third Adult Learner Leadership InstituteTampa, Florida, June 26-28, 2003

Student Leadership: How to Start and Support a Student Council at Your Program  by Michele V. Sacerdote

Student Leadership Resources - compilation of resources from SABES.

Sharing our Stories - Arizona Adult Education Teachers and Learners

I Open Up: Exploring Learners' Perspectives on Progress (2006)  - research from Parkdale Project Read in Toronto

Learner Perspectives - an interactive website, part of the Adult Education Wikipedia.  People contribute ideas, resources and discussion topics to the site.  This page is focused on learners' perspectives.

Learner Leadership  Adult learners, teachers, program directors, professional developers joined NIFL-AALPD April 18 - May 2nd, 2004 as guests for a two part discussion of learner leadership in professional development and program improvement. (You can also follow the full discussion here, by scrolling down to April 18)

Students Meeting Students: Putting a Student Conference Together - one of a series of books developed by adult learners in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Available in the US (and elsewhere) through Peppercorn Books and Press.

Summary Report of the Adult Education Visioning Retreat: Growing into the Future – Keeping Students at the Center Mayor's Office of Adult Education,  October 25, 2007 (pdf)

Adult learners address the Governor's Task Force on Adult Literacy - June, 2004.

I Cannot Read, an article about an Jacques Demers, a professional hockey coach, who learned to read at the age of 58.

In Our Words - Canadians Reading Together - writings by learners from Nova Scotia, Canada

Please make this page your own. Send writing, ideas and information to LR/RI.

Links to sites for learners and teachers / resources related to or created by adult learners

What learners had to say to the government - results of a survey of Canadian adult learners; the full report provides the questions asked, and learners' responses.  Part of a Movement for Canadian Literacy's Learners Advisory Network.

Adult Learners' Literacy Testimonial / story of the week -  from adult learners in Manitoba, Canada.

Learner Speakers' Bureau - Literacy Partners of Manitoba

BBC Skillswise - interactive games, quizes and activities for numeracy and literacy.

BLAST - Building Leadership through Adult Student Training; New Mexico's student leadership organization. Blast  Will Grant, BLAST Coordinator
P.O. Box 7908 Albuquerque, NM 87194 (505) 245-7177   fax: (505) 245-7187

Student Journals  from the Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe, New Mexico website.

Student/learner resources from Western/Pacific LINCS

Discoveries,  stories written by adult new readers enrolled in BoulderReads!, 

Career Planning Guide for Adult Learners - interesting questions to consider while thinking about getting  or changing jobs.

English as a second language - resources for independent study, listening, reading and writing.

Exploring Cultures - bilingual writings (in Spanish and English) from adult learners in a Washington, DC Even Start program, about a variety of topics, including poems, opinions, recipes, photos and pen pal letters.

The Fortune Society Student Web Pages -  built by learners in Fortune Society Education programs

Four personal essays on Literacy -  Three adult learners and one counsellor recount their personal stories and struggles with illiteracy.  From Writers' Block, Spring, 2001

E-Square - As described in Bright Ideas (Summer 98), E-Square is 'an electronic neighborhood for adult literacy, ESL, and basic education students and their teachers.' It's easily accessible, with clear graphics and interesting places for learners and practitioners to go.

Harry I Seda's learners pages - sign on to a national chat, read about learner leadership events and more.
read the results: Harry Seda designed a survey on students' use of technology "to help students find services, programs, and/or software programs that might help you learn and become more knowledgeable and a more productive member of your community. The content of this survey will better reflect the diverse needs and levels of all students, including English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL for short)."

Frank Symonds, interviewed by the Providence Journal, 10 February, 1999

Mayor's Office of Adult Education - New York City; links to student stories and various resources.

GED and math resources

Is the GED right for you? - links to information and questions to consider about taking the GED - or not.  For more, click here

GED preparatoon sites -  resources collected by Youthbuild

Quia class page: GED resources from Wendy  Quinones, including math, spelling, vocabulary and other exercises related to the GED.  

Student learning links at GED 2000 (scroll down)

Taking the G.E.D. - Cece's Tilsley's story - Cece's Tilsley's wonderful account of studying for and taking the GED tests.

AAA Math - interactive practice, explanations and a link to a Spanish language math resource.

A+ math - more resources and practice

Create a graph - learn to present information in different visual forms and formats

Woodlands maths zone
- yet more basic math

Test Prep Review - online practice tests and test preparation

Transition to college

College Transition for adult students - "website designed to simulate the pre-college experience for adult students interested in enrolling in college for the first time or returning to college after a long break. The site will help you walk through the application process, find money to pay for college classes, provide you with resources to help you prepare for college-level work, and give you helpful tips to make the whole process easier."

Thinking about college - a site for high school students, also contains information for anyone preparing for college.

Post-ITT -  collection of resources and activities to help students, parents and educators plan for transition from secondary to postsecondary schools.

More learner resources

Learner writing from the Educational Opportunity Center in Buffalo, NY; notes for teachers about using the web to publish learner writing.

The Learning Edge - Online newspaper from the Wellington County Learning Centre in Ontario.  Provides spoken and written text, interactive exercises and opportunities for discussion, prompts for writing and further learning.

The Northern Edge - Online newspaper celebrating life in Northern Canada.  Similar to the Learning Edge, it also provides spoken and written text and interactivity for adults.

Making Connections:   a learners' action research project - In action  research you investigate a question. The question w  investigated was: How do we build and maintain connections among learners?

A guide to holding a meeting - plain language suggestions and reminders for people organizing and holding meetings, from the Prince Edward Island Literacy Alliance in Canada.

LINCS Health and Literacy special collection student resources - health information, stories and activities and reference resources

Internet Picture Dictionary - basic picture dictionary; French, Italian, Spanish and German versions are also available.

Internet Projects for Learners and Teachers of English - some sites seem geared toward more advanced level learners, but the site also includes links to sites that may be of more general interest to learners and teachers at a range of levels.

Literacy Tools from the National Adult Literacy Agency in Ireland - online exercises, as well as exercises to print and complete off line.  Tour the site here.

MUJER - Mothers United for Jobs, Education, Results - a learner-generated site from San Antonio, Texas, includes learners' stories and reflections. Anson Green, the teacher who facilitated the development of the site welcomes response and input.

Also see Anson's La COCINA site (which is also linked to the LR/RI's women and literacy page).

New England Literacy Resource Center student resources -  learning activities for adults

Project Read, the Adult Literacy Program of the San Francisco Public Library - including newsletters, containing learner writings and events and links to additional resources.

The Right Question Project - an organization that develops educational strategies that help people build skills to get involved in issues that affect them.

Second Chance Learners - Second Chance Learners was founded in New Brunswick, Canada in 1989 by Dorothy Silver, an adult learner who saw a need for learners to get together to support one another.

these sites are not on line  Student of the month, and student of the month archive from Literacy Volunteers of America, including Rhode Islanders Mirta Pedrazzoli and Paul Arcand.

Student profiles from ProLiteracy - the new organization that formed when Literacy Volunteers and Laubach Literacy merged.

TV411 - interactive practice iin many areas - spelling, reading, writing, math

Visiting the doctor - site for ESL students.  A visit to the doctor can be a strange experience.  Not only is there new language, but customs may seem be different as well.   With this web site you can practice the language you need for getting medical care.    You can also send in your own writing on health topics and see it published here.

A Visit to the State House - by members of the ESL 5 morning class Community Learning Center, Cambridge. Learners describe the preparation for and events that occurred during a visit to the Massachusetts State House. Their prepared letter, a number of photos and a description of the project itself are also included. (A part of the E-Square site).

What Adult Literacy Learners Would Like YOU TO Know - from the Movement for Canadian Literacy - The Learners Advisory Network (LAN) decided to create a brochure that would help literacy  promoters and the public understand who they are and what they do.
Youth Access
- "The Youth Access cluster of CLIC sites seeks to strengthen communications skills and voices of youth, build community use and support of the library, and enhance educational opportunities for youth. There are now two sites in this cluster, based in low-income urban neighborhoods in Newark, NJ and Oakland, CA. Both sites are beneficiaries of government grants providing new technology... Using innovative library-based curriculum, the program hopes to maximize youth use of these technologies to develop communication skills and help better connect youth with their local community."

Learners' writing

The Book of Changes: Adult learners' stories:what literacy means to their lives
- a project of the Movement for Canadian Literacy Learners Advisory Network.

Celebrating Success... Stories of Learners & the BEAD Department - a biography of successful students published by the Alberta Vocational College in Calgary

ESL Student Writing Page - stories written by students in the English as a Second Language Program at the Educational Opportunity Center in Buffalo, NY.  You can also listen to the stories being read aloud on line.

Learner stories, from the Santa Clara County Library.

Learner writing - links to learner writing from the Canadian NALD site. (Some of these resources are also found at Writing from the Field).

Learner writings from Frontier College

Learner writings from Literacy Volunteers of America, part of the Student section of the LVA website

The Journal of Ordinary Thought - 'The Neighborhood Writing Alliance holds writing workshops with adults in inner city Chicago, and publishes their writing in the Journal of Ordinary Thought (JOT). NWA is founded on the propositions that every person is a philosopher, expressing one's thoughts fosters creativity and change, and that taking control of life requires people to think about the world and to share their thoughts with others.Writings from Chicago, Illinois"

Additional writing by Parents of Students at Dett School is also available at

The Key on Line - New Readers' Newspaper Web Site, originated for Wisconsin's adult basic education and English language learners, and now available online.

Stories of the Mi'kmaq - stories by people of Mi'kmaq and Beothuk ancestry in Canada.

Student pages, including Beginner ESL Class   from the Bangor Adult and Community Education center, Bangor, Maine;

and from York, Maine - ESOL learners' pages.

Student stories from the Watertown Free Public Library

Student writing from Read/Write/Now Adult Learning Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Toronto Adult Student Association- resources for adult learners in Toronto and beyond

Visions 12 - stories and drawings from ABE students in Saskatchewan, Canada.

We Search for the Words  [SIAST Kelsey Campus Literacy Program] - "In the spirit of sharing their journey towards literacy and in the celebration of World Literacy Day, September 6, 2002, the staff and students of the Literacy Program, SIAST Kelsey Campus, Saskatoon, SK offer this anthology of poetry, photos and artwork."

Web-based Resources for Students - from YouthBuild USA

Web of Life -  Stories from Grandview/?Uuqinak'uuh Adult Writing Group - a partnership between Grandview/?Uuqinak'uuh School and the Basic Education Department of King Edward Campus, Vancouver Community College.

Learner Listserv:

LEARNER is a listserv intended primarily for adult learners. To subscribe to LEARNER, send an email message to:

Skip the message header and in the body of the message, type: subscribe LEARNER Yourfirstname Yourlastname All submissions to LEARNER should be addressed to: Questions regarding the list should be sent to: Beverly Choltco-Devlin Moderator, LEARNER

(To learn more about listservs generally, click here, scroll down to list servs).

page created March 6, 1998

last updated August 4, 2010

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