Brown University has partnered with Zipcar to offer Brown community members an alternative to driving or bringing a car to campus. Zipcar is improving urban life by providing wheels when you want them.

Zipcar is an internet-based service that allows you to rent a car for an hour or two or for an entire day. It is a turnkey program that includes everything – vehicles parked right on campus, on-line reservation system, gasoline, insurance coverage, and billing.

Program Highlights

  • 18+ years of age eligibility for Zipcar membership
  • 24 Zipcars to choose from - including a Nissan Sentra, Honda Element, Scion XB, Mazda 3, Toyota Matrix, Honda Insight, Honda Civic, Toyota Prius, VW Golf, and Ford Focus.

Five locations on campus:

  • Lower level of Lot # 68 the Power Street garage (entrance on Brook St. across from fire station)
  • Brook and Thayer Street parking Lot # 11 (entrance on Brook, exit on Thayer)
  • 20 Olive Street parking Lot # 77
  • Young Orchard Ave Lot#54 next to Owig Music
  • Richmond Street / Lot #105 accross from the front entrance of the Alpert Medica School

Contact the Transportation Office at 401-863-3157 with any questions.


Brown University students, faculty and staff pay an annual $20 fee and get $30.00 free driving.  $10.00 off annual membership thanks to Ford!  Hourly rates range from $7.25 to $13.00 depending on the type of vehicle reserved. 

How Does Zipcar Work? 


Just apply online. It only takes a few minutes. Once you're approved, you get your very own Zipcard. 


Reserve a car for a couple hours or an entire day. Reserve online or use a phone. 


Walk to the car, then just hold your Zipcard to the windshield. The doors will unlock, and it's all yours!


Drive away... and return to the same reserved parking space at the end of your reservation. It's that simple. And remember, gas and insurance are included too. 

Visit the Zipcar website to learn more and join the program.