Health Careers Peer Advisors



Applications due Thursday, April 30


Spring 2015 Office Hours (January 25- April 12)

  • The Health Careers Peer Advisors are an integral part of Brown's Health Careers Advising team. Consult a Brown undergraduate with experience as a health careers student during weekly office hours.  The Peer Advisors also coordinate two highly-informative and engaging events each semester and share tips with students through the Premed Jo monthly Emails.
Sundays 4pm- 6pm Science Center, 303

Catherine Dang, Class of 2015 

Hometown: Corona, California
Concentration: Community Health

  • Swearer Center Community Fellow for Algebra in Motion
  • Brown Pre-Dental Society President
  • Samuels Sinclair Dental Clinic Volunteer
  • Triple Helix Writer
  • PHP0320 Teaching Assistant
  • Fall 2012 - Present: Investigate the histological structures of bat wing using a selective stain for elastic tissue. Brown University Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
  • Summer 2013: Investigating the effects of xylitol, the most common artificial sweetener on dental de- and re-mineralization. University of California, Irvine Beckman Laser Institute.
  • Summer 2014: Primary Care Involvement Concerns and Willingness of Rhode Island Dentists. Harvard School of Dental Medicine.
  • Spring 2013 - Spring 2014: Access Scholar, an AmeriCorps position that works to accomplish the mission and goals of the National College Advising Corps to increase the number of low-income, first-generation college and underrepresented students who enter and complete high school.
Fun Tidbit:
  • My best friend was the first friend I made (on my first day of kindergarten) in my life.


Jordan Shaw, Class of 2015

Home Town: Grand Prairie, Texas
Concentration: Neuroscience

  • Residential Peer Leader: Women's Peer Counselor (WPC)
  • NEUR 0100 Teaching Assistant
  • Class Coordinating Board Secretary
  • 2013 Gala Co-Chair
  • Senior Week Party Manager
  • Hasbro Children's Hospital, Partial Hospitalization Program Volunteer
  • Spring 2012 - Present: Body Dysmorphic Disorder Research, Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior.
  • Summer 2013: Theory of Mind Sampling during Joint Attention, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine department of Psychiatry
  • Summer 2012: Neurogenetic Control of Lethargus in Caenorhabditis elegans, California Institute of Technology department of Biology
  • 2009 - 2010: Effects of Exercise on Primary Cilia in Mouse Spinal Cord, University of North Texas department of Biology
Fun Tidbit:
  • Jordan wants poetry recommendations.


Julia Donner, Class of 2015 

Hometown: Gig Harbor, Washington
Concentration: Biology (Physiology/Biotechnology)

  • Brown University Emergency Medical Services
  • Student Conduct Board Member
  • Meiklejohn Peer Advisor
  • Project Sunshine Member
  • BIOL 0200 and BIOL 0800 Teaching Assistant
  • Women and Infants Hospital Volunteer
  • Community Health Advocacy Program
  • Summer 2013: Effects of Rapamycin, Diet, and Mitotype Interactions on Aconitase Activity in Drosophila. Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scholarship. Brown University Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
  • Fall 2013-Spring 2014: Characterizing the Physiological Effects of a Mitochondrial and NuclearIncompatibility in Drosophila. Brown University Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
  • Summer 2014: Micropatterned 2D Co-cultures: An Investigation of Cardiac Myocyte and Fibroblast Cross-talk. American Heart Association Founders Affiliate Award. Cardiovascular Research Center, Rhode Island Hospital/Alpert Medical School.
  • Fall 2014-present: Characterizing the Effects of Cigarette Smoke Extract on Mitochondria and Exploring possible therapeutic options in Drosophila. Brown University Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
  • September 2014 - Present: Brown Primary Care Transformation Initiative. Adolescent Patient Centered Medical Home Intern. Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Department of Family Medicine.
Fun Tidbit:
  • I love scuba diving.


Ronnie Li, Class of 2015

Hometown: Great Neck, NY
Concentration: Neuroscience

  • Active Minds Website Designer
  • Brown Brain Bee Member
  • Dean of the College Group Tutor
  • MEDLIFE Member
  • Meiklejohn Peer Advisor
  • NEUR0010 and BIOL0200 Teaching Assistant
  • Rhode Island Hospital Research Intern
  • Summer 2010: Decreased Density of NOS Interneurons in the Striatum of Individuals with Tourette Syndrome, Yale University Child Study Center.
  • Summer 2012: Homocysteine and Alzheimer’s Disease: Is there a Connection?, UC Davis Medical Center.
  • Summer 2013: Short-term Outcome of Intra-operative Breast Radiotherapy: A Single Institutional Experience, Weill Cornell Medical College.
  • Fall 2014 – present: Optogenetic stimulation and striato-cortical connectivity in a mouse model of Parkinsonism, Rhode Island Hospital Department of Neurosurgery.
Fun Tidbit
  • In my free time, I write and record my own rap songs.


Julia Bu, Class of 2015

Hometown: Riverside, CA
Concentration: Neuroscience 

  • New Scientist Program Peer Advising and Leadership Initiative Peer Mentor
  • Meiklejohn Peer Adviser 
  • Miriam Hospital Patient Experience Representative
  • Summer 2013 - Present: Iron Metabolism in the Central Nervous System of the Hypotransferrinemic Mouse, Brown University Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine 
  • Spring 2012: The Lung Age Project: Examining Patient and Physician Perceptions of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Memorial Hospital 
  • Summer 2010: Urothermal Synthesis of Crystalline Porous Materials, University of California Riverside Department of Chemistry
Fun Tidbit: 
  •  The first time I went to Six Flags was with my Brown University research group.


David Deckey, Class of 2015

Hometown: Yuma, AZ
Concentration: Biology (Physiology/Biotechnology) 



   Brown University Emergency Medical Services
   BIOL 0200, BIOL 0170/1120 Teaching Assistant
   Brown Daily Herald Head Photo Editor
   New Scientist Program Mentor


   Summer 2012: Modulating the activity of securin and its interaction with p53 in ACC. Helios Scholar Program. Translational Genomics.
   Summer 2014: The Characterization of Biofilm Formation on Spinal Implants of Varying Composition. Royce Fellowship. Diane Weiss Center for Orthopaedic Trauma at Rhode Island Hospital.
   Fall 2014-present: Characterizing the Antibacterial Effects of a PDMS Hybrid Coating Doped with Silver on Spinal Implants of Varying Composition. Diane Weiss Center for Orthopaedic Trauma at Rhode Island Hospital.

Fun Tidbit:

 I love sushi.