RI biotech firm, CytoSolv, acquired by Semma Therapeutics

The evolution of the biomedical innovation ecosystem in Rhode Island continues apace, with an emerging company being acquired for its world-class encapsulated cell technology. The RI biotech firm, CytoSolv, has roots with Brown University and the Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biotechnology (MPPB).

(Distributed November 19, 2015)

At national meeting, biologist sees field he planted in bloom

Combatting cancer:

Brown University biologist Wayne Bowen didn’t know 25 years ago what would become of his discovery of the sigma-2 receptor, which may have substantial roles in cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. But at a national meeting in Chicago last month, it was clear his work had spawned a fertile and vibrant field.

(Distributed November 16, 2015)

Tissue engineers recruit cells to make their own strong matrix

Extracellular matrix is the material that gives tissues their strength and stretch. It’s been hard to make well in the lab, but a Brown University team reports new success. The key was creating a culture environment that guided cells to make ECM themselves.

(Distributed November 9, 2015)
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