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Transnational Adoptees and Migrants: From Peru to Spain

This project compares the children of Peruvian immigrants to Spain with adopted Peruvian children in Spain to discover meaningful contrasts and similarities between the two groups, leading to a better understanding of both adoption and migration.

Urban Life among Youth in Kisumu

Eliya Zulu (African Institute for Development Policy), Shelley Clark (McGill University)

This project aims to improve methods of data collection for sexual behavior among young men and women in urban Kisumu, Kenya. Using a life course approach, the project constructs retrospective relationship histories for a random sample of 1,275 youth ages 18-24 and interviews these respondents' marital and nonmarital sexual partners to create a unique matched partner sample. Fieldwork was conducted in spring and summer 2007.

Interview using the Relationship History Calendar.Interview using the Relationship History Calendar.