Group Research Grants

Please note: CSREA is no longer accepting applications for AY 2013-2014. 

The CSREA research grants support semester long collaborative research projects led by faculty from departments across the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences who are developing or share an existing inter-, multi- or trans-disciplinary research project on race, ethnicity and/or indigeneity in the U.S. Projects with U.S. related transnational dimensions are also invited. Groups are expected to meet two to three times a month (or six to eight times a semester) to discuss readings, examine visual media, review and revise works-in-progress, curate an exhibit, gather data and/or host guest scholars and artists invited by the research group.

CSREA will review proposals for up to $3,500 for speakers, books, films, events and symposia.  Research groups should ideally be comprised of a trans-disciplinary (even trans-divisional) cluster of two to four faculty members. One to two graduate students and/or advanced fourth-year undergraduates whose work directly relates to the proposed research grant may also participate. 

Proposals should outline the research project, indicate the importance of the question, problem or focus vis a vis the study of race and ethnicity as well as outline clear proposed outcomes. Outcomes may include: publication (co-authored or individual), accessible media/social projects, generative archival research, new curriculum development, book collections or grant proposals for larger funding. Outcomes will be described in a brief summary document at the close of the semester. Cross-institutional participation and/or collaboration are welcomed. CSREA space and staff support may be made available based on scheduling considerations.

Applications will be evaluated by the Governing Board (and other relevant faculty may be consulted at the discretion of the Board). Accepted proposals will be based on proposal quality, viability and potential contribution to the study of race and ethnicity in the U.S. 

The application deadline is Friday, October 18, 2013. 

Applications should be sent to:

Brown University, Box 2032
Providence, RI  02912

Please email us if you have any questions.