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Our primary research interest is the evolution of thin films and surfaces during processing. A major aspect of this research is the development and application of novel in situ and real-time diagnostics that enable the changes in morphology and microstructure to be monitored as they occur.  A brief description of some of our current research projects and experimental capabilities is given below.

Research Areas

Sn Whisker

Stress in polycrystalline films

Spontaneous surface patterning during low energy ion bombardment

Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of growth and ion bombardment

Strain relaxation during heteroepitaxial growth

In situ diagnostics and experimental capabilities

Multi-beam Optical Stress Sensor (MOSS)

Light Scattering Spectroscopy (LiSSP)

Energy Dispersive X-Ray Reflectivity (EDXRR)

Deposition and processing capabilities

- The diagnostics described above are implemented on several systems for studying film deposition and surface modification, either in our laboratory or in collaboration with others.  Our current activities are centered primarily on systems for:

            - UHV evaporation

            - MBE growth of compound semiconductors

            - Electrodeposition

- Ion assisted deposition and surface modification