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THE MAGNIFYING GLASS is a tool and a symbol that has persisted physically unchanged for hundreds of years. It gathers together issues of technology, modernity, and humanity through its interactions with humans and objects alike. Today, we have the capacity to visualize objects the size of a millionth of a human hair--where does that leave the magnifying glass?

Magnifying Glass Project Proposal

Where are magnifying glasses?

The Basics of the Magnifying Glass

Vision and the Magnifying Glass

The Microscope versus the Magnifying Glass

Comments on the Magnifying Glass Project

Some Interesting Twists on the Magnifying Glass


Posted at Oct 06/2008 09:18PM:
chris w.: Hey Rebecca, I like the angle on asking what work does a magnifying glass do and also trying to locate one in use on campus. As far as books, check out William C. 2006: Under the Microscope: A brief history of microscopy.

Posted at Dec 05/2008 03:45PM:
chris w.: Hi Rebecca, Nice intro. And I like the image. Perhaps one might also consider the magnifying glass in light of the relationships touched on in class today, as a mediator of a some very specific engagements.