DELISHUS: Deletion Inference from SNP Data


java -Xmx[size] -jar delishus.jar [parameters]
where [size] is the size of Java's heap. This must be large enough to store the input genotype matrix and underlying graph structures.
Required parameters
-p [pfile]
sets the input PED file to be [pfile]. Note that the allele designation is different from standard map files. View DELISHUS Input and Output for more details.
-m [mfile]
sets the input MAP file to be [mfile]
-t [threshold]
use [threshold] as the minimum clique size to call a deletion. For modern GWAS data [threshold]=5 is sensitive enough to compute small deletions while keeping false positives low.
-o [dir]
output results to directory [dir]
-c [chr]
process chromosome [chr] of the input MAP/PED files

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