The Brown University Bill Estimator is for informational purposes only and provides an estimate of your annual billed charges for first year students. Additional costs such as books, travel and personal expenses are not included in this estimate. The accuracy of the information you enter will affect the accuracy of your estimated results. The Bill Estimator is not an actual bill, and University charges are subject to change.

If you are an admitted or enrolled first year student receiving financial aid, log in to Banner Self Service to find your most recent financial aid award to use in the Bill Estimator.

To complete the Bill Estimator, enter your anticipated Student Health Insurance Plan participation, the amount of your Brown University Scholarship and/or federal grants, and any student loans you have been offered and plan to accept. Although you should not include outside scholarships in the Bill Estimator, keep in mind that outside scholarships may be used to reduce your student loan or Estimated Annual Amount Due. 

Current students can use the Bill Estimator as a tool, but please keep in mind that it is intended for first year students.