Brown University is committed to assisting families in meeting their demonstrated financial need. Several financial aid initiatives, unique to Brown, have been developed in order to better assist our families. The following is an overview of these initiatives.

  • Undergraduate financial aid applicants with total parent incomes less than $100,000, at the time of admission, do not have a loan component in their awards. Students with family earnings above $100,000 have moderate loans ($3,000, $4,000 or $5,000) depending on family total income level.
  • Families with total parent earnings less than $60,000 and assets less than $100,000 are not required to make a parent contribution toward the cost of education.
  • Families with total parent earnings less than $60,000 and assets greater than $100,000 have a significantly reduced contribution (from assets only).
  • Students are able to use outside scholarships to eliminate all of the self-help components in their awards including the summer savings expectation.

These University initiatives are determined based on a family’s calculated total income. A family’s total income is determined by reviewing tax documents and financial aid application materials. Total income is the sum of Adjusted Gross Income plus all untaxed income. Examples of untaxed income include untaxed social security benefits, untaxed business revenue, pension contributions and withdrawals, child support received, etc.  Please visit the parent income section of our web site for complete details of the determination of total income.

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