Deadline and Instructions for applying for financial aid  - Financial aid awards for current students will be available mid to late June.

Managing the Cost of Attendance

Interactive Financing Planner

Determine ways to meet your educational costs

Student Contribution

Learn what is included in your student contribution

Campus Employment

How work-study fits into your financial aid award

Outside Scholarships

How outside scholarships impact your financial aid award


Consider your loan borrowing options

Financial Literacy

Tips to manage your finances at Brown and beyond

Changes in Financial Circumstances

How to inform our office of recent changes impacting your family's financial situation

Other Information

Living Off-Campus

Financial considerations for living off campus

Summer Session

Explore summer funding options


Learn more about internships and research opportunities

Taking a Leave of Absence

How a leave of absence affects your financial aid

Studying Away

Understand how financial aid works when studying away 

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