Main Office

(401) 863-2500
[email protected]

Banner Registration Hotline
(401) 863-2300

University Registrar

Robert F. Fitzgerald

University Registrar
(401) 863-2500
[email protected]

Systems Division

Christopher Beattie

Senior Associate Registrar for Systems and Quality Assurance
(401) 863-3516
[email protected]

  • Systems Maintenance/Upgrades; Global Systems Issues; Project Management; Oversees all quality assurance aspects of Student Records; Compliance Reporting
Sherry Gubata

Senior Assistant Registrar for Systems Management
(401) 863-3752
[email protected]

  • Lead for Systems Documentation and Training; Lead for Systems Access and Troubleshooting (Banner and Cognos); Project Management; Data Requests; Academic/Administrative Departmental Outreach 
Adele Baran

Assistant Registrar for Systems Management
(401) 863-1847
[email protected]

  • Systems Testing and Troubleshooting; Data Requests; Compliance Reporting support; Project Support

Graduate & Professional Student Services

Andrea Resley

Assistant Registrar for Graduate & Professional Education
(401) 863-9447
[email protected]

  • Oversight of all Graduate and Medical Student Records

Student Records and Degree Clearance

Melissa Blais - Undergraduate Student Records and Graduation Coordinator

(401) 863-1845
[email protected]

Gianna Perez - Graduate and Professional Student Records and Graduation Coordinator 

(401) 863-2245
[email protected]

  • Concentration/Field of Study maintenance; Transfer Credit processing; Student Status changes (separations and readmissions); Test Score maintenance; Graduation Processing and Degree Clearance; Tuition Rate adjustments.

Enrollment Services and Operations Management 

Lisa A. Mather

Senior Associate Registrar for Operations Management 
(401) 863-3747 
[email protected]

  • Oversees all Enrollment Services functions (registration, grades, transcripts, etc.) and Curriculum functions
Karey Majka

Assistant Registrar for Operations Management 
(401) 863-2246
[email protected]

  • Course Information (includes: Schedule of Classes and Course Proposals); Faculty Data Maintenance; Curricular Data Requests; Undergraduate student records operations

Student Services

Raquel Nasto

Opertions Coordinator
(401) 863-7852
[email protected]

  • Course Information functions; Make-Up Exams; Registration; Special Student Processing; Grades; Transcripts; Enrollment Certifications
Dorothy Solomon

Student Services Coordinator
(401) 863-2961
[email protected]

  • Registration; Special Student Processing; Grades; Transcripts; Enrollment Certifications; Replacement Diplomas

University Scheduling Office

(401) 863-6217
[email protected]

Kestin Gussoff

Assistant Registrar for University Scheduling
(401) 863-2922
[email protected]

  • Oversees all University Scheduling Office functions (academic and non-academic room scheduling); 25live software troubleshooting and upgrades; User training; Reporting on campus space utilization

University Schedulers

Alison Fontaine

(401) 863-1849
[email protected]

Lucy Perez

(401) 863-1702
Luceli[email protected]

  • Academic and Non-academic event scheduling; Manage campus space utilization, both indoor spaces and campus greens