Replacement Diploma

Brown University does not provide for duplicate printed copies of diplomas (we do offer Certified electronic Diplomas for spring 2015 graduates forward please refer to CeDiploma links on left).

replacement diploma may be ordered from the Office of the Registrar in situations where the original diploma has been lost or damaged. Replacement diplomas will be reissued in the format currently used and for years prior to May 2002 will bear the signatures of the current University President. For years from 2002 on it will bear the signature of the President in office at the time of degree conferral. All diplomas regardless of year will bear the signature of the current Secretary of the Corporation. Please allow for up to 30 days for replacement diploma to arrive from the date the request is received to process. Requestors will be notified via email when the diploma has been mailed.

Note: The name on the replacement diploma will be identical to the name that was listed in the Official Brown University Commencement Bulletin in the year the degree was received. Name changes post-award are not allowed. The cost for ordering a replacement diploma is $25.00 and checks/money orders should be made payable to Brown University and enclosed with the Request form.

Brown University policy requires that all requests for diploma replacements be submitted in writing, signed by the person to whom the record belongs, and notarized by a Notary Public (or equivalent official in foreign country who may attest to identity of requestor) to validate the authenticity of the requestor on the Request Form. In addition, any replacement requests will not be processed until all outstanding financial obligations to the University are satisfied.

Download the Request for Replacement Diploma now.