Welcome to the University Scheduling Office

 The University Scheduling Office, within the Office of the Registrar, is responsible for scheduling all credit-bearing courses, as well as non-academic events, meetings, practices, lectures, and conferences. We reserve indoor space and campus greens and courtyards. We work closely with Student Activities, the Dean of the College, and other academic and administrative departments to ensure the proper placement of your event or course. If you are planning an event for your office, we can advise you on the location most appropriately suited for the activity.

For one-time and recurring reservations such as meetings, lectures, discussion sections, film screenings, make-up classes, midterm exams, and events, please use our improved user interface at https://space-reservations.brown.edu/.

For more complex reservations such as Commencement, Family Weekend, or extensive, multi-day conferences, it may be best to utilize 25live (https://25live.collegenet.com/brown/) to submit your reservations.

*Both applications are supported with Firefox, Safari or Chrome and the latest version of Internet Explorer*

Note Well: All regularly scheduled classes in Banner / [email protected] are reserved through a separate process. Neither is booked through the above sites.

To cancel your reservation, please log in to https://space-reservations.brown.edu/ and navigate to the My Reservations page. Find your event under "Confirmed Reservations" and click Cancel. You are responsible for cancelling your own service arrangements with each individual provider (Media Services, Facilities, Catering, etc).