Workday 33 is Live!
* Find out for more information about what was included in the Workday 33 update.  New functionality includes:
* View colleague planned out of office time for efficiency of planning your upcoming time off
* Easier viewing of actionable buttons on processes in Workday
* Learning interest tracking for courses
                                               * Updates to recruiting processes for candidates

 Are you familiar with how to use Favorites in Workday?
Favorites is a great way to manage tasks and reports that you run on a regular basis.  Follow these steps to learn how to set-up your Favorites:
 * Select the Favorites app from your Workday Homepage
 * Select the gear icon and Manage Favorites located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
 * On the Manage Favorites screen, select the field of choice to browse items or type the name of an item to search for it
                                               * Select an item that you have browsed or types to add
                                                * Select OK and Done-your favorites have been saved!

Welcome to [email protected]! Since going live in July 2012, Workday has changed the way Brown conducts business by automating, streamlining, and standardizing current business processes. Workday is the system of record for HR, finance, learning, payroll, recruiting and post-award grant accounting information at Brown University. The system and its support practices are audited annually and must comply with regulations as it pertains to these functions. 

Please use this website as a resource as we continue to add functionality to Workday.