Translational Research Disease Groups (TRDGs)

Translational Research Disease Groups provide a regular venue for discussion of opportunities for translational research and the means to support them. 11 groups have formed around the cancer types listed below.






Description of the TRDGs

By February, 2019, we launched disease-specific translational research disease groups (TRDGs) to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration at Brown and affiliated hospitals. TRDGs comprise a multidisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians, oncologists, appropriate clinical faculty from various disciplines such as Hematology/Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Pathology, as well as research-based faculty including cancer biology and genetics, population scientists, biostatistics and bioinformatics researchers, as well as fellows and student trainees. TRDG meetings provide opportunities for discussion of translational directions that may be eligible for pilot funds or for submission to suitable extramural funding opportunities.

Membership in the TRDGs is continuously evolving and is discussed regularly at group meetings. We welcome interested faculty, fellows, and students who have interests broadly in the TRDG to reach out to us.

Each TRDG meets every 2-3 months at either the Brown University Molecular Medicine Building at 70 Ship Street or an alternative hospital location to maximize participation. While some meetings use a roundtable format with a standing agenda as below, most TRDG meetings have designated speakers. Minutes are generated at the meetings and are circulated internally among group members. With invited speakers, presentations typically include 30-40 minutes of presentation time, with about 20-30 minutes of discussion and feedback including during the presentations.

Goals of the TRDG meetings include the development and prioritization of translational research concepts, collaboration among TRDG members and others, and the identification of working groups in specific areas that may benefit from project development leading to new translational clinical protocols and grant submissions, eventual publications in high impact journals, and new opportunities for collaborative studies.

The standing agenda for roundtable discussions:

  • The current status of translational research efforts at Brown and affiliated hospitals in the particular disease site including the status of Investigator-initiated trials and opportunities based on science and feasibility.
  • Opportunities for collaboration based on existing ongoing activities or through knowledge of developments in the field. This includes discussion of the relevant signaling pathways for the tumor type, biomarkers and drugs currently under development.
  • To exchange information regarding funding opportunities.
  • To consider multidisciplinary programmatic efforts that may be supported by P01s, SPOREs, or other translational grant opportunities.
  • To discuss the progress that is being made through more focused presentations by specific investigators or subgroups.
  • To take full advantage of institutional capabilities and resources in terms of genomics, tissues, clinical trials infrastructure, and to integrate across programmatic efforts, basic or clinical research activities and tumor boards.
  • To bring in additional investigators including lab members/trainees/graduate students involved in translational research.
  • To identify working groups in specific areas that may benefit from project development leading to new translational clinical protocols and grant submissions.

Please contact Attila Seyhan or Wafik El-Deiry for more information or to join a TRDG.