Medical Education

Pathology faculty participate in the preclinical medical school curriculum in the general pathology course for first-year students and in the two semester systemic pathology course for second-year students. Two faculty (Drs. Luba Dumenco and Joyce Ou) serve on both the Medical Curriculum Committee and the Faculty Development Oversight Group. All of the faculty are dedicated teachers who consistently receive excellent student teaching evaluations and teaching awards.

Note: All first and second year medical school courses listed with the exception of BIOL 3645 are interdisciplinary. Course leaders who are faculty of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine are in bold. 

Year I Courses

Course Code Course Title and Description Course Leaders
BIOL 3645 IMS-I General Pathology A. Kane, L. Dumenco, J. Ou and LC. Hanley
BIOL 3652 IMS-II Brain Sciences E. Brannan, J. Roth, NS. Potter, J. Donahue, A. Halt, K. Stavros, J. Stein, G. Tung
BIOL 3643 IMS-I Histology J. Ou, and LC. Hanley




Year 2 Courses

BIOL3654 IMS-III Endocrine Sciences C. Tessier, M. Canepa
BIOL 3662 IMS-III Cardiovascular D. Burtt, E. Keating, L.C. Hanley, W. Bowen                         
BIOL 3664 IMS-III Renal S. Hu, E. Yakirevich, K. Richman
BIOL 3674 IMS-III Human Reproduction R. Allen, A Stuckey, V. Snegovskikh, C. Paquette, W. Bowen
BIOL 3663 IMS-III Pulmonary M. Jankowich, E. Gartman, M. Garcia-Moliner
BIOL 3665 IMS-III Supporting Structures  S. Schwartz, D. Jenkins, L. Robinson-BostomJ. Hart, S. Chai
BIOL 3672 IMS-IV Hematology L.Goldberg, J. Reagan, A. Taber, L. Dumenco
BIOL 3673 IMS-IV  Gastroenterology H. Rich, M. LeGolvan
BIOL 367X IMS Endocrinology M. Canepa