Q: Can I pursue MD/PhD training in fields outside of those offered by the Division of Biology and Medicine?

A: Students who wish to combine the MD degree with a PhD in a field not offered within the Division of Biology and Medicine can apply to the graduate program of their choice, but do not receive funding through the medical school. Candidates may apply concurrently (if deferred entry is acceptable to the graduate school/program) or during the early years of medical school, and generally undertake the graduate portion of their education between the second and third years of medical school.

Students interested in research but not ready to commit to a dual-degree option can explore their interests through the Scholarly Concentrations Program, the Basic and Translational Research Program, or may find their own research mentor based on their specific interests.

Q: Are international applicants considered for admission to Brown’s MD PhD program?

A: Yes—applicants do not need to be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Q: Does the program have full funding?

A: Not yet. We waive medical school tuition and provide tuition and stipend during graduate school. We do not yet have stipends for our students during medical school.

Q: Can I do a PhD in a program not listed on the website?

A: Not at this time. Students must do their PhD in a program within the Division of Biology and Medicine.

Q: What is the average length of time that it takes students to complete the program?

A: Eight years.