The Chemistry Department Stockroom provides researchers with a convenient, user-friendly, and affordable system of accessing the materials needed to allow continuous research efforts.

To make a stockroom purchase, please visit the Chemistry Department Stockroom in GeoChem 216 or complete the order form below.

For Chemistry Personnel:

Blanket Orders

Please complete our online ordering form. NOTE: functionality ONLY using Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. Firefox will NOT work.



Contact Allen Sylvia for questions regarding the chemical stockroom and inventory. 
Contact Robert Wilson for questions regarding purchases made by faculty, students, and other researchers. 


Express Shipments

Please download and complete an express shipping form.  
IMPORTANT: This form is required for ALL express shipping packages being sent from the Chemistry Department e.g. UPS, FedEx. Please print, sign, and return this form to Allen Sylvia, Stockroom Coordinator, in GC 216. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. The business purpose must provide justification for how shipment-related expenses pertain to the account being charged. If you are sending a chemical or sample for analysis, please fill out the required EHS paperwork

Chemical Inventory & Tracking

Please note: All chemicals in the Chemistry Department are barcoded and entered into a chemical inventory and tracking system called CEMS. It is very important that any chemical that is moved from one room to another, or discarded, be updated in the system.

The system used is a web-enabled database that is hosted at the University of New Hampshire. Please follow the directions and link below to update any chemicals that is moved or discarded.

To move a chemical to a new location:

  1. Click on above link to access the database.
  2. Login to system with your Brown Email and password.
  3. Under “Quick Links”, Click on Add/Update Chemical Inventory.
  4. In the Top Field enter the Chemistry Department barcode number that appears on the bottle of chemical and press “Next”.
  5. Under “Container Information” update the “Owner” and “Location” information to the new PI and Room Location where this chemical is moving to, then click “Save”.  If you begin typing in these fields, the names and rooms will auto-populate. Be sure to choose the correct room number with the appropriate abbreviation before it (ie. GeoChem GC444 or Mac Millan Hall MM216).

To discard a chemical: 

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
  2. Click on “Mark Empty”  on the far right side of the webpage, then click on “Save” on the next Screen.



The stockroom is located in room 216 of the GeoChem Building. The address is 324 Brook Street, Providence, RI 02912.

Phone: 401-863-1025; 401-863-3102
Fax: 401-863-1993


The stockroom is open daily from 8:30am to 5:00pm and from 8:00am to 4:00pm during the summer months. It is closed during all University Holidays.  After hours access to the chemistry stockroom requires key card access.


Eric Friedfeld, Manager, Technical Services

Allen Sylvia, Stockroom Coordinator

Robert Wilson, Purchasing Coordinator