For Students

Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards provide a unique opportunity for students in any discipline and in their first through fourth year to:

  • Collaborate with faculty on important research or teaching projects
  • Develop problem-solving and research skills, as well as a more comprehensive understanding of the research subject
  • Explore an issue or topic of interest
  • Have an impact on a Brown course or in a larger field of study

A list of Summer 2023 Research Opportunities will be available here on December 6, 2022.  If a student has already identified a project and a faculty mentor, you may apply directly for an UTRA to support that opportunity.

2023 Summer UTRA projects must begin after Commencement and the duration of the project must span a minimum of 8-10 weeks.  We expect both faculty and student collaborators to find a mutually agreeable period between Commencement and the last week of August.


  • Applicants must be active Brown undergraduate students
  • Students may not be on a leave of absence from Brown either in the semester they are applying or in the period when they would receive the funding. 
  • Students graduating in the spring are not eligible for a summer UTRA.
  • Students who have received summer funding from BrownConnect (LINK, UTRA, Signature Programs) in a previous summer will not receive priority consideration in the awards process, but are eligible to apply again.


International students receiving SPRINT stipends typically would not require work authorization. However, in a situation where there is external support from a non-Brown funding source, the expectation would be for the students to consult with OISSS regarding the work authorization process at least two months before the start day of their opportunity. 


The SPRINT|UTRA program will support selected students through a progressive funding model. This model provides increased resources to students with high demonstrated financial need, who historically were less likely to apply to UTRA, and seeks to encourage their participation.  The most current SPRINT|UTRA stipend information is presented in the table below.

Base Stipend

Summer UTRA

Semester UTRA

$2,500 (for domestic projects)
$3,500 (for international projects)


The base award for domestic and international summer stipends are $2,500 and $3,000 respectively and the base award for the academic semester stipend is $1,200.

Gap Award
for eligible students

$2,000 - $3,000

$400 to 800

Students eligible for a “Gap Award” would receive additional funding in the amount ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 for summer projects; and $400 to $800 for academic semester projects based on their calculated Parent Contribution during the preceding summer or academic year.