For Students

Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards provide a unique opportunity for students in any discipline and in their first through fourth year to:

  • Collaborate with faculty on important research or teaching projects
  • Develop problem-solving and research skills, as well as a more comprehensive understanding of the research subject
  • Explore an issue or topic of interest
  • Have an impact on a Brown course or in a larger field of study

To find a research opportunity: search the list of Faculty Listed Opportunities. If a student has already identified a project and a faculty mentor, you may apply directly for an UTRA to support that opportunity.

Summer UTRA projects must begin after spring Commencement and the duration of the project must span a period of ten consecutive weeks. We expect both faculty and student collaborators to find a mutually agreeable period between the Tuesday following Commencement and at least one week before the beginning of the fall semester.

Please see the SPRINT page for information about criteria and eligibility for UTRA Faculty Collaborations and all SPRINT awards.