Interdisciplinary Team (I-Team) UTRA


In 2014-15, the College started a new faculty initiated Interdisciplinary Team UTRA (I-Team UTRA) that supports group projects of one or more faculty and two to six students. Students in selected teams will receive a stipend for ten weeks of full-time work from June-August. 

The goal of the I-Team UTRA is threefold:

1)      To increase research opportunities for a diverse range of first and second year students.

2)    To encourage student intellectual growth through peer mentorship and group learning.

3)    To encourage interdisciplinary scholarship between and among Brown faculty. 

The application will be available on-line starting October 15.


●       Faculty applicants must have a teaching or research appointment at Brown.

●       Student applicants can come from the first year, sophomore, or junior classes, but preference will be given to groups that include younger students, underrepresented minorities, and students who have not previously had a research opportunity at Brown. Past recipients of an I-Team UTRA (or Summer) UTRA are not eligible.


Phase 1:

Application opens on October 15

Faculty applicants will submit a three-page project proposal to the UTRA selection committee (deadline:  November 15).  The proposal must indicate:

  • The significance of the project (its potential impact on the field of study and its effect on the concepts, methods, technologies, treatments, services or preventive interventions in the field)
  • The project’s interdisciplinary approach
  • The necessity of a larger research cohort for the project’s success
  • The mentoring strategies and philosophy of the faculty involved
  • The nature of the research environment where the research will be conducted

Proposal must use a font size of 12 points and one inch margins in all directions of the document.

On December 15, faculty of I-Team UTRAs selected for the second phase of the application process will be notified by the UTRA selection committee.

Phase 2:

Successful proposals will be listed on an on-line platform available to students seeking research opportunities.  Interested students will contact the I-Team faculty who will choose up to six to participate in the project.  The faculty will submit the final list of students with brief bios and a description of their roles in the I-Team project to the UTRA selection committee by January 15. Faculty and students will be informed if their applications have been successful by February 1.


The I-Team UTRA may be extended through the following academic year (at the lower rate of student stipend of $1,000/semester) upon request provided the summer progress report submitted receives a favorable review by the UTRA committee and funding is available.