Wintersession 2019

Wintersession destination courses are recipients of University grants, most often the Global Experiential Learning and Teaching (GELT) grant. As such, the cost of participating in a destination course is the same as on-campus and online courses. Essential travel costs (flights, accommodations, most meals, health insurance for international locations, site tickets) are grant-funded. Destination courses are capped at a maximum of 12 students.

Dates reflect when students should plan to be on campus or traveling with their class. Pre-class or post-class work may be required at the instructor's discretion. 

BIOL 1980 - HIV/AIDS in Diverse Settings: Focus on Israel
Professor: Rami Kantor
Location: Israel
Max Students: 12
Dates: January 2 - January 18, 2019 (Travel Dates: TBA)
Description: Participants in this winter session course will explore HIV/AIDS within the context of Israel’s diverse society, unique demographics and universal healthcare. While in Israel, students will visit clinics, hospitals, and universities, and engage with health care providers, experts in the field and populations with HIV. By the end of the course students will gain research skills and an understanding of this pandemic, its management and challenges in Israel, and how this important disease is modulated through risk factors, healthcare systems, medical innovations, and socio-economic factors. There is no need for prior experience in any associated discipline or any knowledge of Hebrew.


ETHN 1750Q - Decolonizing Museums: Collecting Indigenous Culture in Taiwan and North America
American Studies
Professor: Shontay Delalue
Location: Ghana
Max Students: 12
Dates: January 2 - January 18, 2019 (Travel Dates: January 6-15) 
Description: This course will examine conceptual frameworks on notions of ‘Blackness’ across the African Atlantic Diaspora. We will examine the ways in which blackness is viewed individually and collectively by groups. In the beginning of the course students will read academic texts, view documentaries and engage in discussions that focus on concepts of race, memory, identity formation and belonging. The course consists of a travel component to Ghana in West Africa. In Ghana, students will explore parts of the history that has shaped the present day diasporan community through a series of faculty led workshops, tours and meetings with local organizations.


VISA 0070 - From Beginning to End: Process and Creation
Visual Arts
Professor: Wendy Edwards
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Max Students: 12
Dates: January 2 - January 19, 2019 (Travel Dates: January 3-19)
Description: This course, collaboratively offered by the Visual Art Department and Brown Arts Initiative, will be based in Los Angeles and focus on the intersection of visual art, film and the music industry while addressing artistic practice throughout the creation process. Each week will follow a three­part analytical framework based on the notions of idea, creation, and public presentation. Discussions with artists, musicians, curators, filmmakers, writers and actors will provide professional perspectives to students who have an interest in one or more areas within the arts. Meetings with artists will be supported by studio and museum visits, screenings and concerts.